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Helen's Story
Helen Ebner: A Story of Hope
Helen was named after two exceptional women, her Aunt Helen and her Grandmom Ebner. Helen was a unique gift to our family. Rarely did you see Helen without a smile on her face. Her infectious laughter resounded throughout our home. Though appearing shy and very petite, Helen was dynamite.  

Challenge was no stranger to Helen. Try being the youngest of seven and you will understand. School came easy for Helen. She did very well when she wasn’t clowning around. Music and dance were not on her roster but if there were, Helen would be an honor student. After high school, Helen enrolled in a special technical school. She was challenged with being the only female in her class. In the workplace, she constantly had to prove herself. Working in a basically male occupation was challenging.
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Helen's Story
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Kindness was one of Helen’s greatest virtues. Nothing was too much for her.  She dearly loved her nieces and nephews and enjoyed being a “kid” with them.

The blizzard of the century was Helen’s wedding day. She married and settled in their home in Rockledge. Over the years, Helen enjoyed the mythical, magical world of fantasy. She enjoyed collecting things and playing War Hammer and Dungeons and Dragons. Bowling was another hobby Helen enjoyed although she claimed she was not a very good bowler. Helen loved dogs. If she could, she would have had a houseful. Her two dogs, Penny and Logan held a special place in her heart.

Health became Helen’s greatest challenge. She courageously put up a long, hard fight against breast cancer and never complained. Because Helen always thought of others, she rarely allowed anyone to know just how she felt.  

Her father often told her growing up “Good Things Come in Small Packages”. In Helen’s case, this was so very true. Our family loved Helen dearly and will miss her terribly.  

Love you always Helen,

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“Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us” - Samuel Smiles